10 Of The Best Things That Happened In 2018

Sunday, 6 January 2019

I wanted to post one of these after realising I hadn't and I love looking back on them. I love the idea of rounding up the year in words and pictures and 2018 has been an eventful year for me, in some ways it's been incredible but in others, it's been quite difficult. Either way, I'm so happy I have a boyfriend who makes me smile every day and wonderful family and friends. So here are my highlights of 2018 and here's to a happy and healthy 2019.


Something that I did this year was I took a few day trips which is something I really wanted to do. I'm no stranger to exploring but it's something I absolutely wanted to do more of and now I have lots of lovely memories. From the tastiest ice cream to exploring the quaint Scottish seaside, Stonehaven is a town I'd love to go back to. Naturally, it was absolutely freezing but thankfully the cosy fish and chip restaurants saved us from becoming icicles. I'm so happy we had such a lovely time in Stonehaven, it left us wanting to explore more of Scotland and I have the Isle Of Skye on my Scottish exploration list. 

Moved Back Home

2018 brought me back home to Newcastle and to Durham University. Like a lot of things in life, it was completely unexpected and after an unbelievably painful five months, relocated home in the summer. I'm so proud of myself for fighting through what felt like never-ending pain, and now in 2019, I can't wait to see what the year holds. This year my diet also had to completely change (which gave me equal parts relief/worry) and I got a pretty good recommendation from the previous university, which made for a very exciting venture in Durham.

Spa Break at Raddison Blu Durham

The mini-break continued in 2018 - and ended with more relaxation than I think I ever expected. With my first proper break to Durham with my boyfriend, I got to truly kick back and relax after a painful few months. Chilling in a beautiful spa with the most hilarious and supportive person made for the most special break and I'm still planning our next day at the spa. 

Taylor Swift

A weekend of pure nostalgia! This trip I saw one of my all time favourite artists perform at the 02 with one of my besties, as well as head to The Sanderson Hotel for a very swanky afternoon tea. The concert was so incredibly nostalgic after a series of old-school tunes I poured my heart out to when I was 13 were performed live in-front of us almost ten years later, and we also paid a little trip to London Zoo at night, which felt pretty surreal. 


I like to think of Paris as the trip we walked A LOT. I was exceptionally proud, we covered a substantial amount of the city and really got to immerse ourselves in just two whole days. It was also our first trip of 2018 outside of the UK (also my first attempt navigating foreign gluten free food - not as hard as you think) and ticked The Louvre of my bucket list, ate too many treats and just enjoying the weather! We also got to visit Le Terrasse at Galeries Lafayette and watch the sunset from the most spectacular terrace in Paris. 

My Sister Got Married

More than just a wedding, In September I went to Eshott Hall for the first time, and although I knew the day would be amazing, I adored spending it with people who just cherished the newlyweds. Ben and I also stayed the night at Eshott in the most beautiful room which, naturally, involved enjoying a soak in the bath of dreams. I also stayed in the cutest cottage the night before the wedding with the bridal party - which obviously involved lots of champagne, pizza and girly films. I am still not over how lovely the wedding weekend was.

Arctic Monkeys 

Arctic Monkeys was the first ever gig that Ben and I saw together all the way back in 2014, and four years on we're still absolutely loving them. We also had a good ol' Fat Hippo burger which, to be honest, is always a celebration, literally, it was the best night. 

22nd Birthday 

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I'M FEELING TWENTY TWOOO! I had one of the loveliest birthdays with some of my favourite people, ate plenty of food and got birthday blues afterwards because it was so heart-warming. I ate a wonderful meal in my favourite restaurant with Ben, as well as a cosy evening munching on pizza and birthday cake. I received the most gorgeous presents too and it couldn't have been a nicer birthday.

Festive Trip To London

2018 started with booking a trip to London, and staying in The Hoxton Hotel - which was always going to be a treat. Ben and I braved Oxford Street and headed to Borough Market for some additional Christmas gifts and brill pancakes. We also ended up in the Christmas Market at London Bridge - actually preferred over Winter Wonderland and was one of my absolute highlights of the trip.

New Year's Eve In Edinburgh

Finally, December ended at Edinburgh's Hogmanay which was a total dream. It was definitely one of my favourite nights with Ben, and was the perfect New Year's Eve. Ringing in the New Year with pizza, lots of dancing and Ben. It was the perfect end to a new beginning.

I hope your New Year is filled with brill memories and brill company.
2019, we're ready for you!